Software – DACQS2

The BGGS sea gravimeter system KSS32-M is working as a standlalone device. Once configured, the user-defined data interface (serial RS232, Ethernet) provides the gravity measurements right after the system has powered-up.
To control, parameterize and monitor the system, as well as to display the gravity measurements, the DACQS2 software can be used. DACQS2 can be executed on standard Windows-operated computers/laptops (usually part of the delivery scope).

DACQS2 features:
  • User (rights) management
  • Configurable data sinks:
    • CSV file
    • Serial interface R232
    • UDP receiver
    • SQL database
  • User-defineable output data string/format
  • Data decimation, configurable
  • Time synchronization from external GNSS navigation data
  • Automatic variable management for future hardware capabilities
  • User-defineable GUI (Magic Edit) for visualization of measurements
  • Tidal gravity correction


Tidal correction

The calculation of the tidal correction for the gravity measurements is shown exemplarily in the figure above .
By incorporating the geographical coordinates of the vessel and the actual UTC timestamp from the GNSS input, the tidal acceleration is calculated (blue curve) by a highly accurate tide model. The raw gravity data (red curve) is corrected (black curve) based on these tidal acceleations. The model-based calculation is integrated on the mainboard electronics (ZE) of the KSS32-M so the tidal correction can be used without the need to connect the computer/laptop.