KSS32 for marine application

With its Gravitymeter System KSS32M, BGGS offers a state-of-the-art, gyro-stabilzed platform combined with the proven, updated BGGS sensor GSS32 (spring and mass system with magnetic compensation). Compared to the predecessor KSS31M, the new platform integrates all electronics (ZE), power supply (PS) and interfaces which results in a very compact sea gravimeter. All user interaction, data visualization and […]

AWI uses KSS32M on “Polarstern”

German Alfred-Wegener Institute (AWI), doing research in oceanography and polar research, uses BGGS Marine Gravitymeter KSS32M onboard its well-known research vessel “Polarstern”. Click here for more information.

Update KSS31 to KSS32M!

BGGS Gravitymeters are known for their precision, reliability and durability. The latter is especially true for the sensor itself: like a good bootle of wine, this highly sophisticated electro-mechanical device gets better and better over time, this is because of the disappearance of tensions in the mechanical parts. Therefore it is not unusual to see […]

Measured: earthquake in South Pacific Ocean

On 8th of December 2016 an earthqauke occurred at the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific Ocean (→ read more here). 15.000 kilometers away, in Meersburg/Germany at the BGGS facility, Gravity Sensor type GSS30 with S/N23, currently being there for service, was able to measure the shock in terms of ±0.6mGals.