Update KSS31 to KSS32M!

BGGS Gravitymeters are known for their precision, reliability and durability. The latter is especially true for the sensor itself: like a good bootle of wine, this highly sophisticated electro-mechanical device gets better and better over time, this is because of the disappearance of tensions in the mechanical parts.

Therefore it is not unusual to see KSS31 Gravitymeter systems with up to 30 years in service, (still) measuring perfectly. Nevertheless, there is usually a need for state of the art electronics (e.g. battery free power backup) and data interfaces. BGGS for this reason offers upgrades to existing KSS31 systems, replacing all external electronics (no more external rack) with ulta-compact integrated electronics and PC-based, generic data interfaces as well as an easy to use but flexible software for control and data acquisition.

This upgrade included checking, servicing and updating the GSS31 sensor to GSS32 (24bit A/D converter, temperature monitoring, etc.), ready for some further decades of service on board.

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